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ZHEJIANG HENGJIU TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGY INC.,LTD.(Former Zhuji Special Chain Factory)is the largest domestic manufacture large-size and special chain,sprocket production buse of china.It’s the National Association of chain Drive and chain Drive standar dization Technical commitlee member units.The main production are the “Double Force”brand A and B series of standards Bush Roller chain,metallurgical chain,Special Industry chain and phase matching sprocket.Enterprises,which have the import and export right,chain enterprises in the industry ahead of the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.

Enterprises Located in paitou Town,zhuji city,Zhejiang province,it takes 4.5million square meters area RMB,60 million in fixed assets,more than 450 employees,including with 80 engineering and technical personnel,with 35 senior titles.In the annue production and sales of varicus chain,sprocket and transportation equipment are more than 9000 Tons.Especially the metallurgical industries manufacturing chain with the highest sales in china,it’s one of the largest domestic metallurgical industry suppliers.

IN recent years,the metallurgical industries Transmission and distribution chain continued to expand,our factory maintained a good cooperative relationship with capital steel,Chongqing steel,wuhan steel MA an shan steel,Baotou steel and other major technology Design.The production used by all domestic major metallurgical enterprises,and mang of them used insteal of importation or import substitution.Such as Tianjin pipe company has established long-terms cooperation relations with our compant.The heat treatment transformation,the transformation of the middle,middle ,two or three sets of pipes expansion,and other projects are using my company’s chain and sprocket products.Bap steel company with ours long-term products as a necessary accessory for all types of projects,such as plate,5m wide plate,ERW pipe projects are used our company’chain and sprocket products.AnShan coil conveyor line reelection.HengYang steel Tube compant of rolling technology projects;NanJing Lrcn and steel comoany;Wuhan lrcn and steel company,PanCheng Gang company and so on metallurgical enterprise stransformatin project are selected by our’s products.Meantime,Most important domestil metallurgical enterprises are used cur varicus type of un-standard.special chain and sprocket as spare parts.In addition,the domestic like yi chong,er chong,the North Heavy Industry,TaiYuan heavy machinery,Taiyuan mining machinery,ShanXi calendar,LuoYang mining machinery,Wuhan Marine,Shanghai heavy machinery,penpu machine,ChangZhou metallurgical machinery and SuZhou metallurgical machinery etc,most of the metallurgical smecting machinery manufacture select our company as a chain and sprocket supporting vendors.

We are proud to say that through the enterprise’s efforts and supportive by vast majority of custmors,our compant won the trust because of the stable product quality,meet the manufacturing cycle,service assurance and good reputation.

We look forward to domestic and abroad custmers consulting,inspection,business negotiations.we would be delighted to provide good service for you.

You are welcome to use the “Double Force”products.

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