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TL shuangli steel drag chain
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    TL shuangli steel drag chain

    Category: Special industrial chain
    Model: TL型
Product details

TL-type steel towline double force

1 towline can be adapted to the maximum speed 40 m / min.

2 towline at maximum speed, the noise level is not greater than 68 db.

3, towline safe life not less than 100 million times (back and forth).

TL series towline and coupling product model specifications, see diagrams and tables.

Brief introduction

TL series towline from the chain plate (high quality steel) and the support plate (high-strength aluminum alloy) pin and other parts of the cable or rubber hose and drag chain of no relative motion, so no mechanical wear, at a given bend no bending and torsion variant, towline and embalmed within a radius.

So it has a clean, compact structure, good rigidity, high strength, drive and flexible, safe and reliable, disassembly, use, easy maintenance, beautiful appearance, especially with a support cable towline, large tube capacity characteristics. Is any other cable, pipe guards can not be compared.

Since the novel appearance, can enhance plant machine tools, equipment overall artistic modeling results, enhance our machine tools, machinery and equipment in the international market competitiveness.

Parameter table


TL shuangli steel drag chain support plate