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Metallurgy industry chain


HENGJIU GROUP SPECIAL CHAIN CO.,LTD. is on the metallurgical industry and conveyor chain for development direction,meanwhile develop and production of sheet production line,steel production line,steel pipe production line,bar production line,the matching coil production line with chain.The manufacturing chain pitch dozens mm to 1000mm.Product coverage metallurgical industry transmission and distribution links with varicus production processes,for Bao steel,capital steel,pan steel,an steel,Tianjin pipe company,Chengdu steel pipe company,Hengjiu steel tube compang,one heavy,two heavy,North heavy industries,Taiyuan heavy industry,such as key domestic metallurgical industry and metallurgical equipment manufactures.Many products imported crimport substitution in mainframe use,stable and reliable quality,shorter manufacturing cycle,winning wide acclaim and service assurance products in domestic and overseas markets at reasonable price and excellent service to enjoy good reputation and strong competition.

Such major chain conveyor line for the plate

The Roller can use by Steel(embedded copper-based oil bearing)and the form of bearings,Pin can use Cotter and Spring Clip and other forms only lock,surface coating line for for the use of Juanzhi lining plate.

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